This is about what we should do to enjoy believing each other, and the way we could improve alongside of our local community improvement.

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We are happy to encourage people all around the world to be focused on growing sales through their community improvement.
Sales is important; however, if it happens in a community, its effects last for a long time.
There is a huge potential around us that needed to be recognized while there is a responsibility for each community member to improve his/ her community. Just imagine the time that we ship a product to the world while someone in our community is in need.
There is a priority in providing human resources, goods or services and also
marketing business, all from our community.
We are happy to retrieve this old idea that “Our success is in our community power”, which is going to be eliminated because of online access to the globe.
eeerocket, with leaning on this green idea is going to provide a platform, ready for just immediate customization and use, for people who are in need to start their immediate business and grow, or for people who are in need a website but are not going to be worried about technical confusing complicated issues, and off course, for people who need to be updated about their community.
We believe that in this way:
• Most of inappropriate problems in online business will be solved, because we always need to think about:

1. What our community deserved
2. What we are adding to our community
3. What we are offering to the other communities

• There is no solution remaining for us rather than being Real, Humble and Honest
• The community judges about the Quality, Durability and the Truth, and
• Communities members will be proud of each other